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CCTV Installation

CCTV InstallationThe UK leads the way in the application of CCTV and its use is wide-ranging, encompassing facial-recognition technology, remote video monitoring, video smoke detection, mobile systems and Automatic Number Plate Recognition as well as many other functions. Whether you are looking to install CCTV at your home or a commercial property here at Duval Security Ltd we have experienced engineers to ensure you get the system that is right for you.

CCTV2All of our systems we install can be viewed over the internet via PC, tablets or Smartphone. Our systems can inform you of motion detection and you can access your CCTV system anywhere, anytime to check on your property. You could also connect your CCTV system to our Remote CCTV monitoring station. Our team of dedicated, experienced CCTV operators are fully trained on how to deal with any situation that may arise and you can depend on them to protect your property and your business like they do for many others 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

AlarmBoxOur team of dedicated operators get real time alerts anywhere your site is protected enabling them to act swiftly to any threat.

We have experienced CCTV operators who are fully trained on how to deal with any situation that may arise. You can depend on us to protect your home and your business.

Our management team will work closely with you during the process to agree work instructions.  We will listen to your requirements and work with you and can be flexible in our agreements.

Alarm Keypad1We link your CCTV system through our Remote CCTV monitoring centre using the latest external detection. For added security you can also add voice challenge.  Voice challenge is the most useful tool in preventing crime once an intruder has been detected on your property outside of operating hours.

Over 90% of burglars will avoid premises that have a monitored system as the risk is far greater than a normal intruder alarm system. Our Security systems can be
monitored through normal monitoring call centers or you can opt for an integrated CCTV and Intruder alarm system.

We install traditional wired alarm systems and wireless systems. Our systems can be designed around you and your property and also include the grounds to your property. We can also incorporate smoke and gas detectors into your alarm system.

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