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Pest Control

Pest ControlUn-invited guests of any sort can be a real problem; they can cost you time and money that could otherwise be put to towards more profitable ventures. This also extends to pest animals and their presence on your site(s). We live in the age of interconnectivity, social media links us to so many other eyes and ears around the world. This is often an advantage to any marketing department as people can spread the word faster nowadays than ever before. Unfortunately, this is also true of bad news and what may have been a small issue with a single or small group of clients can very quickly escalate and have far reaching impacts on one’s reputation and therefore bottom-line. Decreased profits owing to this can be compounded by legal action from environmental officials, and suddenly the little pest problem can become a very costly matter.

Of course this is a worst case scenario, but is it not wise to avoid this possibility all together? Prevention is preferable to a cure, especially when Duval can so simply provide you such service.

So, what does pest control look like?

Operationally pest control can take many forms, and will be suited to your specific requirements, and while the service provided to each site will be bespoke, a typical set up looks like this:

An ongoing agreement wherein you will receive regular preventative and maintenance visits from a highly-trained pest control professional. Upon the contract’s inception, we will deliver a strategy for the site and its particular needs. At which time a technician will install a number of strategically located monitoring points about the premises, to protect against and monitor for, pests. At its minimum, this is a number of tamper resistant boxes, which have bait within, investigated for evidence of pests on a regular basis (frequency will be based upon requirement). This, therefore gives you visibility of any incumbent rodent populations on site; and also starts the ball rolling on their riddance proactively, whilst simultaneously informing the pest controller of their presence – so reactive measures can be taken to eliminate them before a foothold can be gained.

Though it does not have to stop at just rodents, Duval can provide you with a myriad of pest control services and products to help rid you of:

  • Flying Insects
  • Crawling Insects
  • Biting Insects
  • Stored Product Insects
  • Textile Pests
  • Birds
  • Other Vertebrate Pests

Duval understands that stability is key to maintenance in any forum – whether that be one’s cash flow, customer/employee satisfaction, quality assurance or indeed onsite conditions. To that end, the aforementioned technician will be dedicated, in that the same professional will attend all site visits (where at all practicable). Thus, they will know the site and its complexities; they will understand the environment and can help you manage external factors which may be contributing to any issues; they will also have the opportunity to develop a working relationship with your employees. This can lead to a more effective partnership, yielding greater results. Further to this, you will be provided with an equally dedicated Duval contracts manager, whom has had years of experience in this very field. They will oversee all visits and assist in the resolution of issues/raised recommendations.

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