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Keyholding & Alarm Response


We offer a comprehensive response service to your intruder, fire and smoke alarms in accordance with ACPO guidelines. Once alerted by your Alarm Monitoring Station we will despatch a mobile response officer to your premises to investigate.

Our Response Officer will:

  • Liaise with the Police and other emergency services.
  • Inspect the premises inside and out.
  • Organise a remote alarm re-set or call out your alarm company’s engineer.
  • Remain on site until the alarm system is re-activated or the customer key holder arrives in the case of an escort service.
  • Organise emergency repairs to make the property secure, with prior written authority.

This service has many benefits:

  • Greatly reduced health and safety risks for your staff and lone worker.
  • Reduced personal injury insurance claims.
  • Greater key control.
  • Reduction of secondary false alarms caused by inexperienced key holding staff that could result in or extend the period of withdrawal of Police response notice.
  • Emergency security cover even when Police response has already been withdrawn.

Duval FM is a sound company with excellent standing and the owners have clear ideas about its present and future direction. Furthermore, they are wholeheartedly committed to providing a quality service and where possible, adding value to their Security requirements. Association Chief Police Officers (ACPO)Guidelines & Health and Safety: New ACPO guidelines together with health and safety responsibilities are forcing companies to re-evaluate their key holding and response arrangements.

  • The ACPO guideline for police attendance to false alarm activation has been reduced to just 2 over a 12 Month Period. After which the response is withdrawn and will only to be reinstated when a secondary verification system has been installed.
  • Companies are obliged to have two key holders who can reach the premises within 20 minutes.
  • Employers Duty of Care places stringent requirements upon Companies and organizations Directors who face full Responsibility to protect their employees.
  • Your workers are at risk if they attend Alarm Activation.
  • If one of your staff (a lone worker) suffer an accident or be attacked and injured whilst attending a Key Holding & Alarm Response they may have a reasonable claim in court for compensation as a result of corporate negligence or worse.
  • You may be expecting them to perform duties without the correct training, support and more importantly Insurance.

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